Lessons learned from a year of product

Directional sign in death valley
Photo by Pablo García Saldaña

Rule #1: Stop thinking, start executing

You don’t know what you don’t know.

Rule #2: Be comfortable with failing

Ship often, learn often

Rule #3: The perfect approach doesn’t exist

Rule #4: Obsess over conversations

There’s no such thing as a stupid question

Rule #5: Find the right tools

How am I supposed to collect and manage user feedback from all of our customers?!

I want to know how our customers are using a part of our platform but we haven’t added any product tracking!

I want to talk to people who use a specific part of the product frequently. I’m sending emails but not getting anything back!

I’m getting really clogged down by hours of customer video recordings, writing these up is almost becoming a full-time job!

It’s becoming quite a pain to go backwards and forwards with customers on arranging meeting times

Co-Founder of Bel 💪🏼 | Product Manager 📄 | Developer 💻 | Product Design 🎨

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