Alex Wiley


  • Henk Pelk

    Henk Pelk

    Social Media Manager @ LINKIT, Editor of ITNEXT. Fan of chatbots, sci-fi, cycling and rock/wall climbing.

  • Liam Cavanagh

    Liam Cavanagh

  • Jacky Shikerya

    Jacky Shikerya

    CTO and co-founder of

  • Katie Hawcutt

    Katie Hawcutt

    Software Engineer || Pro Musician turned DEV

  • Jamie Worsfold

    Jamie Worsfold

  • Todd Lincoln, MBA

    Todd Lincoln, MBA

    Stock-market investor, battle-scarred entrepreneur, and fireside philosopher. Creator of Investor’s Handbook:

  • Dean Whitehouse

    Dean Whitehouse

    Digital Director. Let’s start a conversation

  • Steph Laba

    Steph Laba

    A Sr. Product Designer and Front-End Developer exploring the bleeding edge of tech. Heavy metal rules. She/Her.

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